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Our Mission


Our mission at Carte Blanche is made up of 3 simple principles:

Buy art. Make history.
Forget collecting. We’re connecting.
Photography for everyone


Buy art. Make history.

Where would Michelangelo have been without the Medicis? Would anyone know Picasso’s work if not for the Steins?

When you buy an original piece of art, you’re doing more than making a financial investment. You’re giving that artist the support they need to make more art, and inviting your friends and family to connect with the art as well.

Luckily, today, you don’t have to be royalty or a millionaire to help make the art that will make history. You just have to visit Carte Blanche.


Forget collecting. We’re connecting.

We believe you can buy just one image and be an art collector, if the work draws you in and makes you think differently about the world. If you feel you have a personal relationship with the artist and their vision.

Carte Blanche connects an international field of rising photographic stars with savvy, style-conscious art buyers. To help you find images to enrich your home, give a loved one a special gift, or start your own collection, we offer affordable, limited-edition, high-quality photographic prints, as well as a direct connection with the artists who make it. We like to think of it as “art connecting.”


Photography for everyone.

Photography has always been an art that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty -- who doesn’t own a camera or a cell phone, doesn’t look at magazines, doesn’t browse friends’ photos online? That’s why we’re working with talented photographers who we consider the best of the next generation.

At Carte Blanche, we are working to bridge the gap between the small coterie of photographers shown in traditional galleries and the vast array of enthusiastic, innovative photographers around the world, and especially online.


Contact us at: info@gallerycarteblanche.com
Gwen Lafage

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Our promise


Our photographs will be fresh, innovative, and represent the world we live in.


Our photographers will have the talent of the masters and the energy of the evolving present.


Our prints will be of the same quality as traditional galleries, but with a more flexible price range.




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