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To make your life easier and make sure you enjoy your art as soon as you receive it, Carte Blanche has partnered with professional mounting labs. 

We offer a wide range of mounting and framing options to please all your needs and meet all your expectations

We have selected for you the best available mounting and framing options available in the market. 

All the materials we use for finishing, mounting or framing your pints are acid-free and have archival conservation-quality.
This means that they will not damage, deteriorate or discolor your print. 

Mounting on Sintra or Dibond®


A simple yet high quality finish for small format artworks (XS and S), Sintra is ideal for giving your print a light modern style.  Your print will be mounted on a 6mm (1/4’’) thick sheet of Sintra, a very durable pvc.


For larger artworks (from size M) your print will be mounted on Dibond. Elegant and contemporary, this finish is the most suited mounting option to preserve a very large photograph in the long term. Dibond is a fine and light material, composed of two layers of aluminum surrounding a polyethylene core.

To protect your print from deterioration, humidity and UV rays, it will be laminated. For smaller prints mounted on Sintra, we will use a spray laminate. The larger prints mounted on Dibond will be covered with an anti-reflection film, which preserves it without altering its style or colors. 

To allow you to easily hang your print on a wall, the artwork will come with a cleat (for smaller formats) or a wooden back frame (for larger ones).

Our Frames

Timeless, the framing behind Plexiglas allows the print to be magnified and protect art from deterioration over the years. Plexiglas is half the weight of glass and it offers the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing, without the heaviness or breakability. 

Carte Blanche offers a wide range of metal or wooden frames in different sizes and finishing options.

Wood frames

Our wood picture frames offer simple, sleek profiles that are hand-finished to a deep, uniform Matte Black or Natural Wood. They offer a traditional charm for cozy homes.


metal frames

Our metal frames offer a modern, minimalist solution that puts the emphasis on the photograph. Aluminum combines two benefits: lightness and strength - ideal for a subtle and sophisticated presentation. And you have the choice between 2 colors: glossy white or polished black. 

The Plexiglas used in our custom frames is guaranteed defect free and minimizes reflection.
Upon request, we can also offer
museum-quality UV protection Plexiglass (approximately 99%). The cost of this premium Plexiglass is much higher than what we offer with our standard custom framing; please contact us at info@gallerycarteblanche.com for more details and pricing.

Our finishing options


For a timeless traditional style, you can choose to present your print with a fitted background mat. It perfectly positions your print in the frame and artistically leads the eye to it. Of course our mats are acid free, 100 % primary-cotton fibers to protect your print and ensure its longevity. 

Note: We use an off-white mat for framing our color artworks and a white mat for the black and whites.

Framed - No Mat

For a more modern and original look to your larger artworks (L and XL) you can also choose to have them framed without a mat. The frame will be adapted to the exact size of your print. This creates an elegant look focusing attention on the photograph itself. 

If you have any specific request and would like to explore other options, please contact us for a price quote at: info@gallerycarteblanche.com

Frames Dimensions

  Formats  Finishing    Frame Sizes
  XS  Matted    11"x11"
  S  Matted    16"x16"
  M  Matted    21"x21"
  L  No Mat    23"x23"
 Matted    32"x32"
  XL  No Mat    29"x29"
 Matted    40"x40"

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