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What's a limited edition? 

An edition is a limited “run” – number of times each image can be printed- of a particular piece of artwork in a particular size. It’s the total number of prints that will ever be sold of that specific size. There will also sometimes be a few artist's proofs (never for sale), which are for quality checking purposes and for the artist to be able to exhibit and/or use in their portfolio.

Once an edition is closed, the print can never be reproduced. Carte Blanche works directly with artists to make sure the editions we offer are understood and respected by all.
The print you purchase through Carte Blanche is one of a limited run specifically created with the artist, and approved in sizes and print types by the artist. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity which is numbered and signed by the artist.


How do I know that my Carte Blanche print is an authentic fine art work?

All of our prints are produced under the artist's direct supervision.
Each print comes with an individually numbered Carte Blanche Certificate of Authenticity delivered once the photograph has been inspected and approved by our experts and signed by the artist. Each photograph also comes with a short biography of the artist and a description of the work, allowing you to better discover him or her and to understand his or her approach. 







How is my Carte Blanche Print Produced?

Find out more about our prints here. 


How can I make sure my Carte Blanche print will last?

Our prints are expected to last for up to 100 years.
Ideally the print should be framed behind UV protected glass or Plexiglas and kept out of the sun. If mounted or stored in contact with paper or board, try to ensure it is acid free. Any masking tape used in framing should also be archival. We recommend that you trust us to frame your photographs in the best possible way.

To guarantee the protection of you prints, we offer a large selection of archival mounting and framing options in partnership with professional labs. 

 Find out more about our finishing, mounting and framing options here.


When will I receive my order?

Find out about delivery and return policies.


I'm a photographer. How can I get my work featured on Carte Blanche website?

Gallery Carte Blanche will make regular call for submission to seek new artists. No call for Art is currently open. Register to our newsletter to stay tuned:




The Artists and the Photographs 


How are the artists and pictures on Carte Blanche selected?

Carte Blanche features talented emerging artists from around the world. Our artists are selected carefully on the basis of their work, their commitment and their engagement. They come from different backgrounds and different countries, they use different techniques, but have in common a strong and original photographic approach. They have been selected on the basis of their body of work because we believe that they deserve recognition and have exceptional artistic value.  


Who are the photographers?

Find out more on each photographer’s biography page, here.


Can I get in touch with the artist?

Of course! Please send us an email at info@gallerycarteblanche.com and it will be our pleasure to pass it on to the photographer. However we cannot guarantee a quick response…


Can I use your images/text on my blog?

Yes as long as you are talking about us or our artists. But we ask that you please link to us or the artist website and always credit the photographer. See legal information page for copyright details.

If you wish to use our images/texts in another context, please contact us to discuss possibilities. 

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