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German Photographer, Michael Schlegels's work is focused around traveling the world to capture the amazing beauty and power of different landscapes in traditional analog black and white with his perfered insturment, a large format camera. 

About the series: Iceland & Frozen Life

Michael Schlegel explores all over the world to capture the amazing beauty and power of different landscapes. Working in various weather conditions, often in snow and fog, Michael creates dreamy, surreal images that represent abstract, timeless spaces that let the views mind wander. His preferred camera is a large format camera, which allows the artist to slow down his process, and for the most amount detail to be rendered in each image.

Half of these images, A Frozen Life, are made in Southern Germany, close to where the artist grew up, and the others were made in Iceland, his favorite and most visited location.


Why did you choose this subject? 
I wanted to explore exiting landscapes with my camera – mountains in winter and Iceland
please me a lot aesthetically.

What do you see when you look at these photos?
To me these photos are very emotional, they always represent abstracts feelings. And
they feel kind of "sublime" to me.

What research and production did you go through to make these images?
I always do a lot of location research on different platforms upfront - and it's essential to
always check the weather report to be on the spot at my desired conditions. The large
format camera taught me to slow down a lot, but that's just right for my photographs.

Do your images help the viewer understand the subject in a new way?
The purpose of this work is basically to share my vision of landscape. It's not so much
about questions or answers.

What did you learn by making these images?
Good outdoor-clothing is worth it's cost...

Iceland #1 - Vestrahorn I
Iceland #2 - Black Sand
Iceland #3 - The Blade
Iceland #4 - Seljalandsfoss II
Frozen Life #1 - XIX
Frozen Life #2 - XVIII
Frozen Life #3 - XVII
Frozen Life #4 - XVI


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