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Matthias Heiderich’s minimalist, neon-colored Berlin landscapes challenge standard aesthetic assumptions about urban industrial zones.

About the series: Berlin

Since moving to Berlin a few years ago, Matthias Heiderich’s has been drawn to the city’s architecture, his images mostly minimalist, empty landscapes. But while urban and suburban industrial regions usually call to mind dull, bleak landscapes, Matthias’ bright, sometimes neon-colored playfully challenge those expectations.


Why did you choose this subject? 
Berlin's buildings have fascinated me since I moved here three years ago. These buildings are witnesses of the historic changes in Berlin, and I love to walk around to take pictures of them.

What do you see when you look at these photos?
The photos make me feel nostalgic. If I could, I would like to have lived here in the 1970s and ’80s.

What research and production did you go through to make these images?
I had to learn how to handle a camera, how to handle light and shadow, and how to handle the street map of Berlin.

Do your images help the viewer understand the subject in a new way?
It depends on the viewer, I guess. I hope most viewers can find new perspectives and points of view in my images. But my photos are art, not science, and I prefer not too worry too much about questions and answers.  

What did you learn by making these images?
The world is made out of uncountable patterns that are just waiting to be discovered.

Berlin #1
Berlin #2
Berlin #3
Berlin #4
Berlin #5
Berlin #6
Berlin #7
Berlin #8
Berlin #9

About the series: Spektrum Berlin

Viewed together or individually, Matthias Heiderich’s images transform the banality and universality of buildings into a mosaic of geometrical shapes, reconstructing the world we live in into an abstract canvas of lines, patterns, angular compositions, and vibrant colors. Saturated to the limits of reality, Heiderich’s prints, emerging directly from a 1980s color palette and influenced by 1950s and 1960s color photography and polaroid images, look at an industrial past, with a present freshness and optimism for the future.

Spektrum Berlin #2
Spektrum Berlin #3
Spektrum Berlin #4
Spektrum Berlin #5
Spektrum Berlin #6
Spektrum Berlin #7
Spektrum Berlin #8
Spektrum Berlin #9
Spektrum Berlin #10


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