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Born Szklarska Poreba, Poland, in 1977, Lukasz Biederman now 
lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.

About the series: Poland

Lukasz Biederman’s Polish land- and city-scapes convey the cold and solitude of his home country, but, more importantly, they also spread its unique beauty to the rest of the world.

Poland #1
Poland #2
Poland #3
Poland #4
Poland #5
Poland #6

About the series: The city sleeps

‘The city sleeps’ documents small-town Polish streets after dusk. The empty pavements, and the peculiar lighting reveal the calm and magic of the late hour when almost everyone is asleep…



Why did you choose this subject?
Polish landscapes and city-scapes seem especially beautiful to me, and I would like to share them with people from other countries. 

What do you see when you look at these photos?
Mostly I feel the cold and the solitude. Deep in my heart I actually like this mind-set, maybe because it is the opposite to what I feel in my everyday life. 

What research and production did you go through to make these images?
I had only to understand the hidden beauty of the Polish landscape. I did not have to arrange anything — the pictures simply show the places I come across in my everyday life. 

Do your images help the viewer understand the subject in a new way?
I hope the viewer can feel the specific beauty coming from this pictures, even though these cityscapes really seem to depict sad places. 

What did you learn by making these images?
I realized that winter is one of my favorite seasons.

The city sleeps #1
The city sleeps #2
The city sleeps #3
The city sleeps #4
The city sleeps #5
The city sleeps #6


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