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French photographer Aëla Labbé was born in Brittany, a region where forests can be magic and fairytales are part of the culture. From an early age she devoted herself to dancing, a passion that today shapes her unique photographic creativity.

About the series: Sleepless memories

Aëla Labbé’s photographic style is very singular – she constructs scenes and fills them with something that wavers between sorrow and poignant delight. Her scenes take place in a realm where the emotions expressed by body language are essential.
Her family is another key to the photographic world she has created. Her nephews, in particular, are the main characters in her photographs. It is with them that childhood became an underlying theme in her work. Her unique vision shows a darker, mysterious and unconventional representation of the early years of life.


Why did you choose this subject?
I do not choose my subjects they simply are, deeply inspired by my surrounding and my life experiences

What do you see when you look at these photos?
These photos are very intimate, they reveal all the things I’m made of and moved by: my memories and dreams, my passions and love as well as my relation to the world and to others, nature and brotherhood as leitmotivs. I feel touched and quite nostalgic when I look at them.

What research and production did you go through to make these images?
It always starts with an inspiration or an emotion, next comes the instant composition in which I set the bodies within the space. The unexpected makes the magic operates and of course what bring the persons I’m working with, here my nephews and friends

Do your images help the viewer understand the subject in a new way?
Even if my images are very personal I like to think that the viewer can relate to his own vision and experience. There is no one and unique interpretation, the viewer nourishes the sense of the images with his own references.

What did you learn by making these images?
Photography and dance are two complementary mediums to express and share emotions: moving bodies in a poetic space.

Every night dream, Sleepless memories #1
Vanishing, Sleepless memories #2
Psychedelic, Sleepless memories #3
3 Sisters, Sleepless memories #4
Endless Summer, Sleepless memories #5
Virtue, Sleepless memories #6
MoonChild, Sleepless memories #7
Down by the sea, Sleepless memories #8
Toska, Sleepless memories #9
Renaissance, Sleepless memories #10


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