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 © Juan Madrid

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 © Joris Vandecatseye

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You know what I'm seeing? - An international photography group exhibition

Unique Pop-up Exhibition at a.Muse Gallery
Friday April 18th & Saturday April 19th 2-6pm

Opening Party: Friday April 18th - 5-9pm

By appointment through April 28th


 Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its first unique Pop-up exhibition, You know what I’m seeing? – An international photography group exhibition Join us at a.Muse Gallery, 614 Alabama Street in San Francisco, on Friday April 18th for the opening reception from 5pm – 9pm.


You know what I’m seeing? is a group exhibition featuring photos by Adam Brochstein, Dennis Dehart, Alex Cretey Systermans, Patrick Gookin, Jordi Huisman, Dagmar Kolatschny, Ricardo Kump, Tammy Mercure, John Francis Peters, Markel Redondo, Loris Savino, Maria Sturm, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Jin Zhu.

Bests in show: Shane Lynam, Juan Madrid, Sara Macel, and Joris Vandecatseye


After closing her physical space, Gallery Carte Blanche on Valencia St. in San Francisco last year, Gwen Lafage took a little break before focusing her energy on her online presence, www.gallerycarteblanche.com. With the strong desire to discover new photography and uncover new talents, she launched a call for Art at the end of 2013. The submissions came from all around the world--from her Bay Area doorstep to her native Europe, from Michigan to Indonesia. Amazing stories inflated her inbox, and the urge to show them to the world--not only online but on a wall, became inevitable. The idea of the first Carte Blanche Pop-up exhibition was born.

Together with Patrick Aguilar, co-owner of San Francisco publisher Owl and Tiger Books, they went through the overwhelming quantity of submitted projects to try to make sense of what emerging, contemporary photographers have to tell us.

These are stories of hope and expectation; fictional narratives questioning our relationship to the reality we live in. They explore the interaction with their surroundings, wherever they go, wherever they live. They investigate the subjectivity of storytelling and the ambiguity of truth. They show us the beauty and the ugliness of our humanity, finding sense where there isn’t any, playing with our perceptions. You know what I’m seeing? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Come and see for yourselves. The exhibition is up for a very limited time. Here are your 3 chances: - Opening party with food, wine and fun, Friday April 18th, 5-9pm - Opening hours with cookies and love, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th, 2-5pm - On appointment with a big smile, from Sunday 20th to Monday 28th

Don’t miss it! This is a unique opportunity to see an amazing international photography exhibition and rediscover the Gallery Carte Blanche collection that you love!


Please RSVP on event pages: http://popupcb.eventbrite.com

For More Information, Interviews, or High-Res Images Contact: Gwen Lafage, Gallery Carte Blanche (415) 286 4564 - info@gallerycarteblanche.com


About Gallery Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche is an innovative photographic project connected to a worldwide community through its website: www.gallerycarteblanche.com Carte Blanche connects an international field of rising photographic stars with savvy, style-conscious art buyers. With limited-edition prints from talented artists, Carte Blancheoffers art lovers a chance to discover the world through fine art photography.

For more public information, visit www.gallerycarteblanche.com, email us at info@gallerycarteblanche.com, call 415.286.4564


About Owl and Tiger Books

Owl & Tiger Books is a small publishing company, producing thoughtfully handmade art books from today's emerging artists. Founded in March 2011 in San Francisco, California by Patrick Aguilar and David Bornfriend.

For general inquires, email us at: info@owlandtiger.com


About a.Muse Gallery

a.Muse is a contemporary gallery which encourages community involvement and a broad definition of the Arts. Whether you enjoy contemporary art, live performances or fine wine and gourmet food, a.Muse art gallery & meeting place has something to “inspire” your senses.

614 Alabama Street  San Francisco, CA 94110 
(415) 279-6281



Gallery Carte Blanche is now officially open to submissions. And it's FREE.

We are looking for new talents to promote and new projects to feature.

We will review your submissions regularly. The best submissions will be posted on our blog.
And the best of the best - la creme de la creme - will have the opportunity to join our fantastic team of artists ; selected artworks will be offered through gallerycarteblanche.com and in future events.

To submit your work, send us an email at submission@gallerycarteblanche.com
Please include:
– up to 6 images
– a statement of no more than 300 words
– your bio, contact information and website address.
We will mail promising photographers to discuss a collaboration.
(Every submission will be reviewed, please don't email us twice - there is no guarantee of feedback but we promise to do our best)




Artist Talk & Book Signing: Daniel Cronin, The Gathering of The Juggalos

Friday, March 29 6-9 pm
Artist Talk 6:30, Book Signing 7:30

Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to an artist talk and book signing featuring photographer Daniel Cronin, with his new book, The Gathering of The Juggalos

These unflinching portraits of Juggalos capture with honesty and sensitivity the community that makes up a vibrant American subculture. The Gathering of the Juggalos has been called the most controversial music festival in the world, headlined by the most hated band in the world, and attended by the most notorious subculture in the world. Each summer, thousands of Juggalos congregate at a privately owned campground, on the Illinois border of the Ohio River, to party. In an article in the Village Voice, Camille Dodero described the five-day festival as a "shantytown psycho-porn amusement park." Yet the Juggalos themselves, along with their leaders--notorious horrorcore rap group Insane Clown Posse--testify to the loyalty, goodwill, and camaraderie that emanate throughout the crowd. This intimate portrait of the Gathering presents Daniel Cronin's images of men, women, and children sitting in tents and cars, swimming in a brackish lake, painting each other's faces and, often, staring back at the camera communicating their defiance and pride.

"Daniel Cronin's The Gathering of The Juggalos is a dreamy collection of photos of them in their element. Far from sensationalizing the notoriously druggy, psycho-porno antics of it's subjects, this book is a quit and surprisingly tender look directly into the eyes of a worrying and beautiful group of American outsiders."- Dazed and Confused Magazine






WaterLand: A Solo Exhibition by Donna J. Wan

WaterLand: A Solo Exhibition by Donna J. Wan

Opening Reception: Friday February 15, 6-9:00pm
Exhibition: February 15 - March 27, 2013

Gallery Carte Blanche is pleased to announce the opening of WaterLand, a solo exhibition by Donna J. Wan on Friday, February 15th, 2013. 

Water has always been an important theme in art - both as a vital element for humans and the planet and as a sacred symbol of purity. Water covers 71 percent and 140 million square miles of the Earth’s surface. It is a source of life, food, beauty and recreation, and the center of rising environmental concerns. We all use water - in our homes, at work, at play, and in our industries - and we are all part of and responsible for its condition and future. As water becomes a scarce resource, it threatens to change almost every aspect of our lives. 

Through her photographs, Donna J. Wan doesn’t try to make a political statement about humankind’s impact on the environment. She observes and reports what she sees about how people experience and are affected by water. Our footprints on the landscape are unmistakably visible in her work, but her photographs invite us to reflect on how our perceptions and identities are shaped by the land and the water surrounding it.  More than beautiful sceneries, her work highlights the different ways in which we experience and interact with water in the landscape - for recreation, function, or contemplation.  She shows us that water can be a source of enjoyment, peace, awe, and even fear.  But, because humankind continues to squander and pollute it, her photographs also inevitably question what is at stake if we continue to alter the landscape and the role of water in it. At our current pace of development and water usage, will scenes like the ones captured in her photographs soon become visions of the past?

WaterLand, Donna J. Wan opens on Friday, February 15th and runs through March 27th, 2013.   An opening reception in presence of the artist will be held on Friday, February 15th from 6pm–9pm.

About the Photographer:
Donna J. Wan was born in Taiwan and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After receiving a BA in economics from Stanford University and working in the corporate world for a few years, Donna decided to pursue her love for art, and completed a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008.  Having grown up in New York City, she only recently developed an interest in the natural world. 

Donna’s landscape photographs reflect a continual search for her to understand and express how perceptions and identities are shaped by the landscapes that surround us.  She takes photographs in both the United States and Asia and in both the natural and built environments.   




Artist Talk and Book Signing: Gabriele Stabile & Juliet Linderman, Refugee Hotel

Friday, January 18th 6-8 pm

Gallery Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its new artists' talk and book signing event featuring Voice of WItness's new book Refugee Hotel, photographed and edited by Gabriele Stabile and Juliet Linderman

Refugee Hotel is a groundbreaking collection of photography and interviews that documents the arrival of refugees in the United States. Evocative images are coupled with moving testimonies from people describing their first days in the U.S., the lives they’ve left behind, and the new communities they’ve since created. 

About the Photographer:
Gabriele Stabile is an Italian photographer based in New York City. His photography has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

About the Editor:
Juliet Linderman is a reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Formerly the editor of a small community newspaper, she has written for many publications including the New York Times and the Village Voice.

Among the Narrators:
PSAW WAH BAW, who was forced to flee her village in Burma amidst armed conflict. She describes how her family left their village with just five cups of rice, beginning an arduous journey toward resettlement that would take them through Bangkok, Tokyo, Illinois, and Texas.

PASTOR NOEL, who fled the civil war in Burundi in 1972 for a refugee camp in Congo. When war erupted in Congo in 1996, Noel was once again forced from his home. He now lives in Mobile, Alabama, and is a central figure in the African refugee community.

FELIX, a South Sudanese man who joined the rebel army as a teenager but eventually fled to a refugee camp in Kenya. Felix now lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he works with Habitat for Humanity to assist African refugees in purchasing their own homes.




The Bay: Creators of Style: Photo Exhibition & Book Release

Award Winning Fashion Photographer Liz Caruana
Exhibits Solo Portrait Show and Book Release

Opening Reception: Friday January 25, 7-9:30pm
Artist Talk: 7:30 pm, Book Signing: 7:45 - 8:15 pm
Exhibition: January 25 - February 13, 2013

Gallery Carte Blanche will open a unique exhibition featuring new work by award winning fashion photographer Liz Caruana on January 25, 2013, on view until February 13, 2013. The Bay: Creators of Style is a solo portrait show and book release featuring intimate images of San Francisco Bay Area Fashion designers. A selection of images will be featured at the Gallery with the entire series of 61 images in the accompanying book. Gallery Carte Blanche will hold an opening reception with the artist Friday January 25, from 7-9:30 p.m. and an
Artist Talk will be held at 7:30 p.m. with a book signing from 7:45-8:15pm.

The Bay: Creators of Style is a photographic study of the independent clothing, jewelry, handbag, and hat designer community. This cross-section of 48 companies represent the best and most well known names in haute couture and ready to wear. Bay Area darlings like Christopher Collins, Camelia Skikos, Daniel Sudar, Joseph Domingo, Nooworks, and FluffyCo show their true personalities in these black and white portraits revealing the heart and soul behind their brands. While other cities tout themselves as capitals of fashion, Bay Area designers are so much more. They are committed to their community’s morals and standards and operate their businesses on
principles of eco-friendly and “made in America.” These principles are what make them unique and position them opposite the flood of mass-produced, outsourced, and cheaply made products on the market. This ethic is the core of what Bay Area fashion design is all about.
About the photographer
Born in Canada, Liz Caruana studied Cinema at the University of Toronto, embracing the idea of creating images that tell stories. She went on to work on feature films until transitioning to photography upon her move to San Francisco in 2004. In 2010, Liz Caruana was awarded San Francisco’s Best Fashion Photographer. Regarding this art show Caruana stated “The Bay Area has such talented designers, I wanted to share who these creative forces were.”
An 8.5x6 boutique photo book titled The Bay: Creators of Style accompanies the exhibition. The publication includes 54 black and white images and personal stories from the designers. It is available for pre-order until Dec. 5, 2012 with limited copies available for sale at the reception.


Artist Talk & Book signing : Rian Dundon, Changsha

Friday, December 14th 6-8 pm

Gallery Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its new artists' talk and book signing event featuring Rian Dundon for his book Changsha.

CHANGSHA is a book of photographs and text produced over six years living and working in mainland China. Moving beyond the urban-centric/scenic/iconic structures, which dominate the current visual record of China, this book looks at the complications of rapid change in smaller provincial cities and prefectures far removed from the country's coastal metropoles. Tracing a personal narrative across the diverse geographies of these regions, Changsha tells the intimate stories of people living in a society set on fast-forward. Theirs is a legacy of inconstancy, dislocation and sustained cultural shift. China is a civilization in flux. Changsha is a city on fire.

Esmeralda Ruiz

Charity Vargas

Alan W. George

Kirk Crippens

Winni Wintermeyer

Call Me Home.

A tribute to artists from all horizons who call San Francisco home. 

Opening: Friday November 30, 6pm-9pm
Exhibition: November 30, 2012 to January 23, 2013

Featuring Bay Area photographers, Kirk Crippens, Alan W George, Esmeralda Ruiz, Charity Vargas & Winni Wintermeyer.

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Gallery Carte Blanche is pleased to announce the opening of their San Francisco-centric exhibition Call Me Home on Friday, November 30, 2012.  Featuring a series of photographs taken throughout San Francisco by 5 local photographers, Call Me Home is the exclamation mark after “Happy One-year Anniversary Carte Blanche!”

One year ago, on November 25th, Carte Blanche opened its Valencia Street doors. Since opening, numerous photography lovers and talented artists have become part of the gallery’s community. Hundreds of photographs and books have been exhibited on the gallery walls, shelves and tables, transforming the space into the home for photography it was conceived to be. Celebrating international visions and talents, Gallery Carte Blanche’s programming responds to the passion and commitment of photographers from around the world and from just around the corner.

After one year of multicultural discoveries and international inspiration provided through exhibitions, artists, talks and special programming, Gallery Carte Blanche is happy to celebrate year one with a bevy of local talent. Each of the 5 photographers represented in Call Me Home, like gallery owner Gwen Lafage, are non-native San Franciscans who have adopted this city and call it home. Notes gallery owner, Gwen Lafage, “An artistic inspiration for generations, San Francisco continually enchants and fascinates. The diversity and vibrancy of the City by the Bay make it a mysterious harbor, a place where life is quirky and accepting of people idiosyncrasies.” The photographs in Call Me Home capture these San Francisco wonders and engage with the landscape, exploring the city from the vantage points of its residential homes, foggy vistas and neon-lit alleys.

About the Photographers:

Kirk Crippens

Kirk Crippens had an early start with photography, inspired by his grandfather who kept a closet darkroom. As a college student Crippens ventured into photojournalism, interning at prestigious newspapers around the United States. Based in San Francisco since 2000, he has since focused his efforts on personal projects. In 2011 he was included in eighteen exhibitions, three of which were solo shows. Crippens was named one of the Top 50 Photographers in Critical Mass for the second consecutive year, nominated for Photolucida’s book prize, and exhibited in the International Photography Festival in Lishui, China. Currently the Artist-in-Residence at RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco, Crippens will begin a new residency in 2013 where he will be the Artist-in-Residence at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon.

Alan W George

Alan W. George was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina on the first day of the last month of 1968. Alan first started exploring photography as a form of self-expression more or less eight years ago, serving as a survival tool for divorce, two children and getting old, among other things. George lives and plays in San Francisco, and in his precious spare time he can be found roaming the roads of Northern California, occasionally stopping to take a photograph.

Esmeralda Ruiz

Esmeralda Ruiz grew up in a small art studio in San Fernando Valley, CA with her two artist parents who exposed her to the wonders of all art forms at a young age. A key step in her way to becoming a photographer was when her father passed over his Hasselblad camera, and told her "A camera is a tool that you can use to capture the world around you. Just remember you are the voice behind the lens." These words still resonate with Ruiz as she uses and transforms the landscape that surrounds her to represent her dreams, and to make visual references to a time in her childhood when she flat-lined for three minutes. Thriving on adventure, most of Ruiz’s images are made while she travels, especially down the California coastline. Her images create a vast, peaceful space that is universal to all viewers and allows the mind to wander.

Charity Vargas

Raised on an Air Force base near Canada, in the foothills of Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounded by old cedars and snow, and still later in the suburbs - surrounded by little, Charity Vargas now lives in one of the San Francisco Presidio’s historic houses. The majority of her work has been photographing in the Presidio, a former Army base transformed into Americas’ largest urban national park. The forests and military industrial architecture here do not seem at odds to her, where nature thrives alongside structures modified over many years, for many uses. Since 2003 Vargas has photographed the Presidio and its changes, noting that its complex landscape feels familiar to her.

Winni Wintermeyer

Born in the industrial Ruhr Valley in Bochum, Germany, Winni Wintermeyer moved to San Francisco in the early 1990s, settling in a neighborhood where mockingbirds imitate the sounds of cheap car alarms. Working as an editorial photographer he creates images of people for various publications around the globe. In his free time Wintermeyer likes to observe and document humans and the traces they leave behind, taking those images and rearranging them to tell new stories. You can find his work at Hespe Gallery and the SFMOMA Artists Gallery.




Artist Talk and Book Signing: Ken & Melanie Light, Valley of Shadows and Dreams

Friday, September 28th 6-8 pm

Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its new artists' talk and book signing event featuring  Ken Light and Melanie Light and their work "Valley of Shadows and Dreams".

Ken and Melanie Light embarked on a five-year photographic journey of a region known for its agricultural plenty – and the marginalization of its people. In their book, “Valley of Shadows and Dreams,” the Lights dig deep into the harsh truths of farm workers’ daily experiences in California’s Central Valley and take a hard look at the legacies of politics, bureaucracy and control in the region.

"We were astonished by the frenzy of development there. Massive tracts of agricultural land were being turned into cul de sacs and suburban neighborhoods. Though we started to explore that story, we soon discovered a complex web that went far beyond residential development. As we witnessed the real estate bubble implode in the valley, we expanded our story to what I can only describe as a slow motion train wreck of unsustainability. This project gripped me at many levels because the issues are played out in the valley American style but they are the global challenges of our generation: water, land use, population, growing economic disparity. It will be fascinating to see how the pressure between a growing population and the limits of the earth unfolds; how the challenges are met or how we fail to find a model for sustainability."

Register here: http://kmlightbooksigning.eventbrite.com/


Stay Cool

I'm yours to keep

Artist Talk & Book signing : RJ Shaughnessy (Stay Cool) & Todd Cole (I'm Yours to keep)

 Thursday, November 15th 6-8 pm

Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its new artist talk and book signing event featuring 2 photographersfrom LA:  RJ Shaughnessy, with his book  Stay Cool, and Todd Cole with her book I'm Yours to keep.

Stay Cool is a collection of an entire summer's worth of images. The idea behind it was not simply to document subjects or happenings but to document the essence of an experience, to try and capture the feelings of youth and freedom and love and summertime and Los Angeles. I think often times the trap of documentary photography is in the waiting. We wait for our subject matter to provide for us, I know I fell into that trap in much of my shooting over this past decade. With this work I felt like there was an opportunity for me to transcend beyond a level of waiting into a level of stimulation, a level of participation, in creating the experiences or creating the jumping off point for the experiences and then capturing the magic that unfolds. In that respect this book and what it means to me has a lot less to do with photography and a lot more to do with life - initiate unique experiences and pursue the magic that results. That to me is the essence of Stay Cool.

I'm Yours to Keep, an autobiographical project, regards Cole's childhood, teenage years and early adulthood in Houston, Texas. I'm Yours to Keep utilizes three subjects to function as narrative metaphors- landscape as displacement, nudes as sexuality and skies and mountains as transcendence. Together, images create a visual poem of removal and a yearning for change. Though photographs represent the Houston landscape, most were shot in the Inland Empire area east of Los Angeles County. Perhaps though Cole has reestablished himself outside of Houston, the memories of his past are barely just kept at bay. 

Salton Sea

Laguna Beach

Angelino Heights, LA

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' (Guillaume Grasset)

Friday October 26th, 6pm-9pm
October 26, 2012 to November 28, 2012

Gallery Carte Blanche is pleased to announce the opening of CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’, Guillaume Grasset on Friday, October 26th, 2012.

At age 20 Guillaume Grasset left Paris to start his own American dream. He spent a few years working with many talented photographers in LA before starting his solo career. With an acute awareness and a free spirit, Guillaume seeks out new visual spaces, exploring deserted playgrounds, bright & natural environments, dark cities and vibrant megalopolises, to reveal the traces of mankind in this ever-changing world.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ is a selection of his Californian landscapes.

Guillaume traveled through quiet nights and peaceful days and revealed in his photographs an intriguing, almost unreal world. With his medium format camera, he gives an eccentric personality to fragments of everyday California.
At first, his images seem endearingly carefree, but he progressively focuses on how man is constantly altering and reshaping the environment. His images become reflections of a land turned upside down by cycles of economic boom and bust, conquest and isolation.
A land caught between the harsh realities of the American way of Life and the glamour of California Dreamin’.

California Dreamin’, Guillaume Grasset opens on Friday, October 26th and runs through November 28, 2012.
An opening reception in presence of the artist will be held on Friday, October 26th from 6pm–9pm.

About Guillaume Grasset

Born in 1973 in France, Guillaume Grasset has lived in Los Angeles for few years in the mid nineties. He assisted famous photographers such as Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Peter Lindbergh, Steven Klein. Back in Paris in 2000, he became a professional photographer.
Guillaume works as a commercial photographer from fashion shoots to documentary reportages. His clients include Forum des Halles Paris, Air France Magazine, Modular Lightings, L’Officiel and many magazines. He concentrates his personal projects on exploring the impact of men on their environment. Guillaume’s work has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Chicago and is represented by Salomon Duval Gallery in Paris.





Artist Talk and Book Signing: Cig Harvey (You Look At Me Like An Emergency) & Candace Gaudiani (Between Destinations)

Wednesday, October 10th 6-8 pm

Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its new artist talk and book signing event featuring photographers Cig Harvey, with her book "You Look At Me Like An Emergency", and Candace Gaudiani, with her book "Between Destinations".

Cig Harvey’s new book, You Look At Me Like An Emergency, a collection of journeys, secrets and wishes, is a stunning visual autobiography through seventy-four vibrant photographs and seventeen emotionally raw vignettes. This striking exploration of the artist’s own emotional life follows the arch of universal and timeless archetypes: rejection, hope, indecision, strength, loss, and love.

Through words and pictures Harvey has recorded an imaginative epic of unknowing, discovery, and deepening; she reveals herself, in all her complications and anecdotal delight, as a person coming to grips with that significant other who does, now and then, regard her as amiably odd, perhaps even needful of loving care.

Between Destinations is a stunning new photography book featuring the latest work of Candace Plummer Gaudiani.

Her images lyrically transform the vistas of train travel into personal artistic statements reflecting the photographer’s haunting memories of an earlier time. The book, published by Kehrer Verlag, includes an extensive essay by Alison Nordström and an interview with Jane Reed.

Register here: http://chcgbooksigning.eventbrite.com/



The Indie Photobook Library at Gallery Carte Blanche : Books and Photographs

Friday September 14th, 15th & 16th
September 14th, 2012 to October 18th, 2012 



Selections from the Indie Photobook Library - Curated by Darius Himes & Larissa Leclair

The exhibition "A Survey of Documentary Styles" looks at the "documentary tradition" through the lens of a 21st century, global photographic community in which the lines between journalism, art and the long-term documentary project have blurred, morphed and continue to feed off of each other.
The books and photographs selected for this exhibition present a range of subject matter, each coupled with a particular visual language drawn from a pool of diversity. There are books that speak a more traditional documentary language, while there are those that explicitly critique that very same tradition; there are diaristic books and titles that overlay a typological structure; other books rely primarily on found and vernacular imagery; and there are many books that borrow heavily from an art-photography storehouse.
The photographs selected from the books invite the viewer to explore the differences in experiencing photography in books versus on the wall.
The goal of this exhibition to survey the field before us and to foreground questions of authorship, voice, style and content.
You will not be disappointed.

70 books from the Indie Photobook Library and photographs by 6 talented artists
(For more information or to purchase limited-edition prints, please contact Carte Blanche: info@gallerycarteblanche.com)


The Indie Photobook Library at Gallery Carte Blanche

Friday September 14th, 15th & 16th
September 14th, 2012 to October 18th, 2012

  & present


Selections from the Indie Photobook Library
Curated by Darius Himes & Larissa Leclair

Exhibition at Gallery Carte Blanche, San Francisco

Opening reception Friday, September 14, 2012 - 6-9pm
with a weekend full of workshops, lectures, and a Photobook Club meet-up.

BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW @ http://iplgcb.eventbrite.com 

Event sponsored by &

Welcoming the iPL for the first time to the West Coast, Gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco will host the 3rd Indie Photobook Library feature-length exhibition curated by Darius Himes (Assistant Director, Fraenkel Gallery and Co-Founder, Radius Books) and Larissa Leclair (Founder, Indie Photobook Library). Concurrently, an exhibition of photographs chosen from the selected photobooks will be displayed in the gallery curated by Gwen Lafage, (Founder, Gallery Carte Blanche). This component will explore the differences in experiencing photography in books versus on the wall.


The early- to mid-20th century produced a handful of photographic styles with a photojournalistic or documentary vocabulary at their core. This "documentary tradition" flourished in the latter half of the century, as photographic equipment shrunk, film speeds increased and world-wide traveled became easier and cheaper. The last decades have seen an explosion in art-photography educational programs and self-publishing, coupled with a continuing desire to explore the world, near and far. As we stand in the morning light of a new century, already some 12 years old, it is worth considering the question, What of the documentary style? When it comes to approaching the world around us—its people, places, conflicts, development and intertwined societies—how have the languages within the growing world of photography changed and shaped the conversation we have in images?

Darius Himes


Friday September 14th, 6-9pm: Opening party

Saturday September 15th:

11.30am-2pm: Photobook Club (limited space available)

2.30pm-6pm: 3 panel discussions moderated by Larissa Leclair and Darius Himes: ‘The Art of the Artist Book’, ‘Publishing a Photobook’ and ‘Documentary photographic styles in the early 21st century’. The panelists will include well-known photographers, curators, photobooks publishers and experts including Lauren Henkin, Michael Light, Patrick Aguilar (Owl & Tiger Books), John DeMerritt, Todd Hido, John Steck Jr., Eric W. Carroll and Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin.

Sunday September 16th: Spend the day with Daniel Milnor & Lauren Henkin.

Limited space available – Fee: $150 - $130 for early registration

In the morning, 10am-1pm: "How to make a book that works" with Dan Milnor.

Daniel Milnor, Blurb Photographer at Large, will demonstrate how to make a professional quality photography book using the Blurb publishing platform. Milnor will walk students through a start to finish process of creating a print-on-demand book, from downloading the Blurb software, defining what their book is, editing and sequencing, through design and promotion.  Milnor will illustrate the range and nuances of the Blurb platform by showing real-world examples of books that work. Other topics will include choose the right cover, building an audience for a book, using the Blurb bookstore, adding eBook to your offerings and realities of making books in the print-on-demand world. 

In the afternoon, 2-5pm: "Introduction to self publishing Artist books" with photographer and book maker, Lauren Henkin

This lecture will provide an introduction for photographers looking to self publish artist books. By presenting potential advantages/benefits as well as the challenges of publishing, explaining types of publications, and a walk-through of her own experiences in publishing, Henkin will leave participants with the knowledge of what tools, skills, and resources will be necessary to complete a self published artist book.

Book your tickets now @ http://iplgcb.eventbrite.com


Spektrum Berlin (Matthias Heiderich)

Friday July 20th, 6pm-9pm
July 19th, 2012 to September 13, 2012

Featuring the work of German-based photographer Mattias Heiderich, in his first solo exhibition in the United States, Spektrum Berlin challenges visions and stereotypes of Germany, in particular East Berlin, through colorful eye-popping urban architectural photography.

Viewed together or individually, each of Heiderich’s images transform the banality and universality of buildings into a mosaic of geometrical shapes, reconstructing the world we live in into an abstract canvas of lines, patterns, angular compositions, and vibrant colors.  Saturated to the limits of reality, Heiderich’s prints, emerging directly from a 1980s color palette and influenced by 1950s and 1960s color photography and polaroid images, look at an industrial past, with a present freshness and optimism for the future.

 Self-taught, Heiderich doesn’t often play by the rules, however the influence of the German tradition is apparent in Heiderich’s work.  Invested in the same rigor and pragmatism as the Bechers, Heiderich creates systematic photographic typologies of industrial buildings and structures, emphasizing how each building is a product of human mind and skill. Following his natural instinct for composition, in series after series Heiderich experiments, searches for individuality, and cultivates a unique style and sensibility.

Spektrum Berlin, Matthias Heiderich opens on Thursday, July 19 and runs through September 13, 2012. An opening reception will be held on Friday, July 20th from 6pm–9pm.


Artists Talk & Book signing: Lucas Foglia (A Natural Order)

Thursday July 26th, 6pm-8:30pm

Carte Blanche is pleased to invite you to its fourth artists' talk and book signing event featuring photographer Lucas Foglia's work 'A Natural Order'.

In the summer of 2006, Lucas Foglia set out to photograph a network of people who had left cities and suburbs to live off the grid in the rural southeastern United States. Many were motivated by environmental concerns, others were driven by religious beliefs or predictions of economic collapse. 

While everyone he photographed was working to maintain self-sufficiency, none lived in complete isolation from the mainstream. Instead, they chose which parts of the modern world to embrace and which to leave behind. The body of work, made over a five-year period, is gathered together in the artist’s first book, “A Natural Order” – a stunning collection that explores a human relationship with wilderness and the persistent libertarianism of the American psyche.

Foglia's photographs, at once iconic and intimate, provoke us to take a candid look at individuals whose chosen lifestyles seem both exotic and unnervingly close to home. Lucas Foglia exhibits and publishes his photographs internationally. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Pilara Foundation and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Fine Art, and has been published in Aperture.

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